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          Empowering lives and positively impacting communities

          Management of Environmental and Social (E&S) aspects is vital to deliver economically sound investments that have long-term value for our stakeholders and shareholders. Berkeley Energy is committed to ensuring that investments do not adversely impact the local community and the environment and have lasting E&S benefits. Integrating E&S in our business model allows us to adapt to a changing environment and society standards.

          E&S management is undertaken by our in-house E&S Managers through in-depth diligence on the environmental, social, health and safety criteria of each of our investments during the investment appraisal process.

          Our well-structured Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) ensures that we maintain compliance with our standards. We monitor E&S performance through regular site visits, discussions, reporting, tracking and capacity building. Upon exit, we ensure that our investee companies have an ESMS in place that not only ensures risks and opportunities will be managed in the future but also prides us with a positive reputation of delivering good sustainable projects.

          Our Commitment

          We and our investee companies will always respect human rights.

          Responsible Investor

          We always comply with the law and achieve best practices wherever possible.

          Our Approach

          We provide the strength of skills and experience to mitigate the potential impact of our businesses on the environment, workers, communities and society.

          empowering lives

          We are dedicated to empowering lives and positively impacting communities through ongoing engagement and consultation.

          Philippines Hydro Energy Systems Inc
          Philippines Hydro Energy Systems Inc – Reforestation

          Philippines Hydro Energy Systems Inc (PHESI), located on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, is paving the way through its ‘Trees for the Future” program. In collaboration with the Indigenous People, PHESI is committed to planting 100 trees for every one that is cut. Through the site established tree nursery, trees indigenous to the area which has economic or medicinal value, are being cultivated and then planted near the communities.

          Achwa Hydro
          Achwa Hydro – Education

          The Achwa hydro project located in northern Uganda is providing scholarships to poor and vulnerable girls considered at risk. The full scholarship covers the secondary school costs and provides all materials including uniform and personal effects. Through collaborative engagement with parents, the project maintains this program by means of continuous communication with the students on their performance and wellbeing. The scholarship will continue to the tertiary level for the students who complete their secondary education.

          Corbetti Geothermal
          Kikagati – Health Care

          Kikagati hydropower project located at the common border between Uganda and Tanzania is providing support to the local healthcare facilities to improve service delivery. The project constructed a residential block to house midwives at the Kikagati health centre, located in Uganda. In addition, the project constructed a medical waste incinerator and donated vital medical equipment to the health centre, which delivers at least a child daily and up to 12 new-borns on a busy day. The health centre serves communities from both Uganda and Tanzania. The project is investigating options to provide potable water to the Murongo health centre located on the Tanzania side. In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, BE donated three ventilators to regional referral hospitals in Uganda to enable better preparation and response.

          Mirkala Wind
          Mirkala Wind – Rural Electrification

          Mirkala Wind project, located in Maharashtra, India, along with other donors, have installed a rooftop solar PV system on the local orphanage to provide reliable and affordable electricity. For the children who depend on the orphanage, this allows for more study time, make use of a computer and opens up many opportunities that they would otherwise not have.

          How Do We Connect?

          We recognise that an open dialogue with stakeholders is critical for long-term value creation of any project. Berkeley Energy has worked with our Investee Companies to foster interactive communication and accountability by establishing a Grievance Mechanism System to receive feedback.

          You can also communicate with Berkeley Energy by clicking on the button below.

          Contact Us

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